Sometimes, I bet, you find yourself a bit stuck. Trying to figure out how to make sense of a confusing situation in yourself, or at work. You’re not sure if you need a coach or a therapist or a business mentor. Do you need to take a course? Maybe there’s a book?

I have spent a lot of my life reading, learning, thinking and figuring out a very broad range of theories and meta-theories about how us individual humans, our teams and groups and organisations and the world as wholes works. What makes it coherent and what makes it incoherent.

I find it super-fun to dig into hairy, interesting problems with people and help them figure out where to go next.

My Process

I’m not qualified as a coach or therapist or counsellor. And that’s not really what I do. What I do goes something like this:


You explain what’s up. I ask lots of dumb questions. I check on what you’ve already figured out, what you’re already aware of.


I figure out if I have anything to give you… Can I pull up anything useful that you haven’t already tried or found out yourself?


I lay out some ideas or theories or places to explore and we wander around them together, see what else might come up. This is often where there’s a fun “pop” – something comes up as the obvious way forward.


Together, we sum up what’s been useful and what good next steps might be. You make some commitments about what you’re going to do to take it further.


After two to four weeks, we may meet up again to check on how things have gone, maybe to talk some more, maybe to exchange feedback.

That’s it. One session, maybe two. We can do it again after a while, but it’s not an ongoing process.


I charge $AU 250 for that first session. It’s not time limited, it takes as long as it takes and that fee includes any follow-up research I feel I need to do to help you out.

I charge $AU 150 for the review session if it’s needed. If you like, you can just pay $AU 350 for both all together.

If those fees are a problem because your income is restricted or you live outside the OECD countries or whatever, just tell me and we’ll work something out.

Next Steps

Get in touch with as much background as you’re comfortable writing down. I’ll check whether I think I can help and get back to you with a payment link.

If the matter is commercial-in-confidence, I’m happy to sign a confidentiality agreement.