Void Mother.

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Hail Mother of the Void Inflictress of my soul’s deepest wound Torturess of my heart’s  infinite capacity for love.

Mother of Hatred.  Mother of Disgust.

I greet you.

Reaching with your precise scalpel through my own mother’s fears through her reluctant, sparing touch through her frustration and loneliness. 

You cut… just so hollowing out a space in me  to receive what you had to give.

A gift I took to be me.

I see you.

I release your gift  from its hiding place.

I allow it to become me to flow into my all to suffuse every part of me.

No longer hidden no longer denied it has become another source of my power.

I acknowledge you.

In kind, I return to you the same gift  As my devotion to you.

My hatred, my disgust - liberated Set free as a blazing fire of holy rage that burns into your abyss  and illuminates even you!

You take on your most sacred, most fearsome aspect.

You become the reflecting mirror of my highest aspiration, which I dare not even glimpse.

I thank you.

I bless you.

I bow to you.