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🏭 I run The Interaction Consortium. We build web software, very often for museums, large and small, but also lots of other things. If you need some smart people who can help you build something, you should get in touch.

Some things you might be looking for

Things I wrote which some people found helpful

Getting Started with Meditation is a short guide that does what it says in the title. Non-sectarian. Full of links and references. I think it’s a good starting point and some people agree with me.

When a dog passes is a little essay that I wrote after my partner and I lost our dog and then some friends lost their dog. I was thinking about dogs and how we love them and what grieving means. This was not so long after my mum died, so that was in my mind too. People ask me for this sometimes.

You may think you love Hafiz is a thing I wrote to repost when well-meaning friends post “Hafiz” quotes on social media, not realising that they’re usually reposting something written by the American poet Daniel Ladinsky. Feel free to use it yourself!

If you find yourself single on Valentine’s Day… is a little, short (hopefully) poetic thing that I sometimes post on Valentine’s Day. It’s meant to be encouraging for people who are single because sometimes that day’s tough if you are.

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